Turning Knowledge Into Home Business Results

Just the Facts Please

Running a quick Google search will confirm the existence of a vast array of resources for the home business owner. Books, CD’s, training courses, coaching programs, seminars, and conferences provide information from “How to Start a Home Business” to “Building the Best Home Based Business”, all designed to assist you to achieve business success. These tools have their place. Business building is a challenging proposition and it makes sense to listen and learn from people with a proven track record. However, the most important business resource available is often overlooked in the rush for answers. Here’s a question for you: Does attending 5 seminars instead of 2 increase your chances for business success? How about this one – Does signing up for 3 gym memberships mean that you will achieve peak fitness? Of course the answer to both of these questions is ‘No’. While a gym membership may be a useful tool for accomplishing your fitness goals, the real key to becoming fit is to develop an intelligent fitness routine and then follow it consistently. Similarly, the real key to creating the best home business lies in putting together an effective plan and then taking action to make it happen – it’s really that simple.

Knowledge, Knowledge Everywhere

While the abundance of business related training resources provides access to a wealth of useful information, many entrepreneurs discover this is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, increasing your knowledge of business development strategies and tactics can help you to avoid mistakes and make good decisions right from the start. But, on the other hand, stuffing your mind with gobs of information can create information overload – some would use the phrase “drinking from a firehose” to describe this experience. Information overload can cause an otherwise intelligent and capable person to either become overactive and spread themselves way too thin to be effective, or to simply stop taking any action all – paralysis by analysis.

It’s All In Your Mind

So, how does the motivated home business owner learn how to take advantage of great information resources without getting overwhelmed with data? Let’s return to the subject of fitness for a moment. We have already established that just having gym memberships will not produce a beach body – the ingredients needed to accomplish your fitness goals are an intelligent plan and consistent action based on that plan. We have also identified the key to development of your successful home business lies in putting together an effective business plan and taking appropriate action based on that plan. Well, there is one more critical piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place to bring all of this to life in your business. And that critical ingredient is (drumroll here): your mindset. Yes, The final determinant of business success lies right there between your ears – not in ANY training, information resource, or coaching. While these resources can add value to your business, the workshop of your own mind is where all of that great knowledge is processed and converted into a plan that works for you.

Gimme 3 Steps…

So, let’s put this most important of business assets to work for you Pronto, and here’s how:

First, get a picture in your mind of what your lifestyle will look like when your successful business is in place. Seriously. Get that picture in your mind right now, it will serve as an anchor to keep you on track without being derailed by information overload.

The next step is to identify the top 3 actions you need to take today to move yourself toward that picture. Write these actions down on a piece of paper and keep it with you all day. This exercise will help you to stay grounded on the important tasks you need to take right now to make progress toward your desired future.

The final step is to keep these goals ‘top of mind’ throughout your day. If you find yourself becoming distracted and spending unfocused time on non-essential activities like web surfing, email, TV, movies, or even getting wrapped up in business training that does not contribute directly to completion of one of your 3 daily tasks, immediately recall that picture you created in the first step, review your tasks for the day and TAKE ACTION on whatever you have not yet completed.

Repeat this 3 step process daily and you will be amazed at how quickly your results will multiply!