Don’t Let Your Business Stay Hidden in Some Dark Place – Get Found Now!

The need for a mastery of the technique of local searching has by now increased to a very significant amount due to the burgeoning growth of search as a primary driver for buying and selling in some local business marketing circles of today. To put it plainly, if a person searches you out in the Internet and your company’s name doesn’t show up on page one or the first handful or results, your marketing business might as well in the eyes of the public be nonexistent.

Let’s be fair though, that’s not really the case every time, and it isn’t the standard for every category of marketing today, but the trend is rapidly growing for anyone under 30, and let’s face it, those under 30 are quite a significant number. These live fast die happy folks pull out their phones, type in a business marketing category, and in 2.5 seconds get a place to drive to pronto.

Getting your company’s name listed and rising to the tops of the list when people search for you online is a sure one-up when you’re after a significant marketing advantage. On the other hand, if your marketing company doesn’t appear on what some call the ‘Google 7 box’, then you are at a great disadvantage since some percentage of potential customers overlook you due to your ‘invisibility’.

It’s not really that hard to increase your chances of winning the local search game. It takes only five easy steps—so get to it before your competitors do.

The first step is optimizing your online page for local searches. Before you go global, start at your own country, better yet your hometown. There are a lot of ways to make your online pages and web sites more localized such as adding your address on every page, adding list of festivals and non-profit events and/or adding a local event blog; finding relevant local bloggers to exchange links with, and doing keyword research or a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with local terms to find the best phrases to add to your pages (

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo Local and Bing Local can be used for the best advantage simply by doing a Search Engine Optimization, which is nothing more than adding certain keywords with relevance to your business marketing throughout the data that you post online. This allows for easier searching.

Another way to get noticed is to get proactive in ratings and reviews. Allowing your business to be rated and review by local bloggers give you the benefit of being open to customers and knowing what they like and how to please them best. Many a business has gone down by not listening to the voice of the masses. Don’t let yours follow in their wake.

Local search directories such as those listed in the previous points also aggregate reviews and comments from customers with features such as customer ratings. Getting proactive by listening as well as commenting and gathering positive testimonials, as well as ensuring that the positive remains that way will greatly affect the overall image and popularity of your company. Appealing to the masses usually works best if you can keep a positive and customer oriented image as well as performance, since word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, and with the Internet in everybody’s fingertips, you just need to very satisfied customer to post something nice about in in a blogging site, and then you’re Google-famous just like that!

Getting listings and mentions can also benefit your business, although that’s a bit hard to quantify in the world of search engines. Although it would help if you had more natural listings in directories. Always keep the information on those listings up to date. There are actually a number of things you can do for your business to grab the attention of the public, specifically the potential clients. All you have to do is check-out

Business Tip – Help! I Made a Mistake – Now What? Best Ways to Handle Mistakes

You did it this time. In your haste to get your marketing campaign out and announce your next big event, you sent the wrong link or contact information. No one is going to sign up now because there is no way to get to the sign-up page or contact you. Or perhaps even worse, you have a teleseminar scheduled with dozens expected and realize at the last minute, while YOU are calling in, the number you sent out in your reminder emails is off by one number. Now what?

First, realize these things happen all the time. Don’t panic! Instead, take control and fix the situation calmly. Even though it might not feel like it at the time, no one is going to bolt and not show up over a simple mistake. However, if this becomes more of a habit than a one-time occurrence, things need to be changed pronto. Also, understand that how you handle this mistake will often determine the effect it will have on the situation. So let’s talk solutions.

Here are our best tips for handling mistakes:

Get over it already – Believe it or not, you are not the first person to make a mistake. (I know-go figure!) You need to let it go. Fix what needs to be fixed and then move on. So many, once they make a mistake, dwell on it for days or even longer and just can’t let it go. What happens then is you lose your focus on new work and more mistakes happen. You might even be so unfocused the teleseminar you’ve been preparing for months takes a negative turn. Then the mistakes just keep piling up one on top of another. Not a good thing. Realize your mistake, make plans to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and move on.

Reassess your processes – Are mistakes happening because your foundation is lacking? Oftentimes, this is the case. The reason things keep going wrong is because you aren’t properly set up in the beginning. It’s time to review your processes and make changes. Go over your procedures and steps you take and see if changes can be made to run more smoothly. If you don’t have regular procedures in place, now is the time to do it. It’s also a good practice to set up templates for the things you do on a regular basis. Say for example you host numerous teleseminars a year; you should have templates set up in advance with all the vital information so it’s a breeze to set them up and get going. However, you might see you are just too busy in your business and it could be the time to look for an online support specialist to take over these tasks.

Don’t Cover Up – Often when we make a mistake, our first instinct is to run and hide. Some even try to blame others (really bad form!). The best approach is to acknowledge what happened, admit to the mistake, and speak directly to whom it affected and let them know you will do everything you can to correct it if possible, and ensure it does not happen again. You can even outline new processes to show you are on top of things. Most will value your professionalism in the way you handled things.

Feel confident in your business and know every mistake can also be a stepping stone to more success. From most of our mistakes, we’ve learned something positive and were able to grow and make changes that made our businesses better. And if you realize you are just too busy to handle everything, contact us to see how we can help. We take the stress away so you can enjoy more and do more.

What Is the Magic Behind the Magicard Pronto Card Printer?

After the terrible events of September 2001, both public and private organizations have made of security their top priority concern. As they grew conscious of the fact that any attack could occur at any moment and by anybody, made them aware of the compelling need of ensuring the safety of their employees, their information and their premises. It was obvious that from that moment onwards they would need to know who was in the company’s or organization’s premises and what he or she is doing. Fortunately, technology has kept up with this increasing need and card printers are now universally available. They are quite affordable and compact in size so it is only a matter of deciding which the best card printer for your company is in order to make up your mind and buy one.

The Magicard Pronto printer is definitely magic. Users of this printer by Magicard agree on expressing that it provides them with a great solution for producing low-volume loyalty, visitor, employee or promotion identification badges.

The Magicard Pronto can be considered the ideal choice for businesses looking for a complete solution to print loyalty, visitor, or promotion cards in low volume. The Pronto is also great for secure ID management and access control.

In addition, Magicard Pronto’s magic can be found in these several advantages it offers:

To begin with, the Magicard Pronto produces a card with a portrait, bar code, logo and edge to edge graphics with 300 DPI resolution.Thus, it is the best choice for printing in full color on blank cards or for printing monochrome text onto pre-printed cards.

Besides, those business organizations to whom security is a top priority should definitely consider purchasing a Magicard Pronto. With its patented HoloKote visual built-in security system for card security, this card printer enables the user to select amongst four different anti-counterfeiting transparent watermark designs on the ID cards. And what’s even best? This can be done at no extra cost.

It is also worth mentioning that this card printer can be ordered with magnetic stripe encoding capabilities so that the user can write data to to his or her magnetic card stripes at the same time as the cards are being printed

Weighing only 4.4 kilograms and having a compact, aesthetic and sleek design, it is a card printer that looks really nice on any counter or desktop and has no problem at all in travelling from one desk to the other.

Last but not least, it’s a plug and play device with its user-friendly characteristics make them an ideal printing option for those organizations that cannot and do not want to spend a lot of time reading extensive and complicated manuals and dread the idea of having to attend a user’s course before being able to operate it.

The Magicard Pronto is one of the best card printers in the market. Reliable and well designed.