Tips on How to Start a Home Based Business by a Real World Entrepreneur

What I’m about to share in this short article is how to start a home based business — from my own experience. You do not necessarily want to follow my steps exactly in sequence, because, quite frankly, in the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing.

But 7 years later, and a multiple six figure a year passive income means that I’ve achieved a fair degree of success, so you may learn something.

When I first started, I was looking for opportunities in the online classified business section of Yahoo! This was back in 2002 and believe me, it’s not a good place to start because there are a high degree of scams posted there.

Nowadays, you’re much more fortunate because web sites that list legitimate opportunities are widespread.

The one smart thing I did was decided that affiliate marketing was an business model with a lot of promise. Today, affiliate marketing is still the best home based business opportunity that I think exists for the individual entrepreneur who wants to strike out on his or her own.

When I decided on affiliate marketing, another smart move I made was in choosing to promote products in the health niches. I knew that health products, because of the baby boomers, were the future. I also have a strong passion myself for natural health related products and that lifestyle, so it was a natural fit.

Here’s what I didn’t do right and you might want to do this correctly from the start.

Legal Protection Fast

I think I waited a bit too long before I formed a business structure for my entrepreneurial activities. When you start a business you automatically default as a sole proprietor until you incorporate or form an LLC or some other business entity that provides a shield of legal protection.

None of this is legal advice, mind you. It’s just me talking to you on how to start a home based business if I were to start again today knowing what I know now.

I operated as a sole proprietor for many months before I decided to look into forming an LLC for my company. Once I formed the LLC I opened a separate business account with it at my bank.

In short, there was a while there were I was legally vulnerable because I hesitated in forming my LLC, and if I were to do it again I would form it sooner and move away from sole proprietor status pronto.

Once you form your business structure, literally all of your efforts should go into marketing. Learning how to be an effective marketer is what makes you money and a lot of it.

When it comes to affiliate marketing that translates into learning how to effectively build web sites, write compelling copy for your sites, how to position the products you want to sell to establish trust with your web site visitors, how to identify good keywords that people search for in Yahoo! or Google, and so on.

Once you start to get good at this, the money will follow. Seriously. But you have to have the patience to stick it out. There will be times when you want to quit, believe me.

My suggestion here for those who want to know how to start a home based business and grow it quickly is to seek out mentors. People who have come before you and did what you want to do.

Form a mastermind group, or barring that, I suggest finding a training service that other like-minded entrepreneurs join so you surround yourself with success-oriented folks.

Doing this will shave years off of your learning curve and is probably the single most intelligent move you can make if you’re serious about succeeding in a home based business.

The Do-It-All-By-Yourself Small Business SEO Solution

Let’s get honest. Taking your small business to the Internet with a limited budget of $1000 or less just doesn’t make it happen. The cost of a web hosting service, site design, editable page layouts, and a worked-up SEO-focused five or six pages of quality content is only the beginning of the process. Without that you take personal responsibility for crafting quality bi-weekly SEO-focused articles, and then personally pushing the backbone onto social media links, those startup pages will never pull a sufficient search engine page rank. Starting with $1000, you can, if you really search for a budget-minded web development company, get maybe six primary pages and a promise of two blog posts per month for the next six months. But by the end of your business, you will find that your $1000 disintegrated into black hole of SEO keyword competition.

So, if you want to handle your own SEO project, the following business search engine optimization tips are designed to get you started. But remember the priorities: Your website is crafted to build company presence on the Internet in a way that promotes your services or products, responds to customer loyalty, and ultimately enhances your company’s bottom-line.

1) Understand the Purpose

For search engine purposes, the phrases and keywords used in your website content is not reviewed or evaluated by the human mind. The task of page ranking is rendered into the algorithms and formulas of a computer program. Your website design crafts SEO concepts into the layout, graphics and content. Thus for a higher ranking and better traffic, you must meet the specs of the search engine designers. However, meeting your SEO goals will not assure that your visitors remain on your site. Thus your website must also appeal to the human mind.

Page ranking algorithms are not limited to direct contents of your Website. Other deciding factors include:

  • Your site’s normal daily traffic intake
  • External links that point to your site
  • Links coming out of your site
  • The page rank of sites that link to your site
  • AND much more.

2) Think Long Term

There are no business SEO tips that will help you find overnight success. Just like everything in business or life in general, plan for the long-term and then take it one day at a time. Post content at least once a week – better twice. But don’t over do it. Two or three new post per week is sufficient to keep visitors coming back for more. And SEO is not about flooding your site with keywords; it is about building content that makes use of your selected keywords. But it is important that keywords be included in content titles, headings and the “alt” region of your graphics displays.

3) Avoid Unrealistic Projections

Overnight success may be the promise but overnight success is rarely a realistic projection. It sounds easy. The SEO developer’s advertisement says: Pay me and I will get your business website a top search engine ranking pronto. Perhaps a large corporation can afford what it takes for such rapid business promotion, but the small business auto repair center cannot afford to complete with PepBoys, Ford Motors and such. Even “sponsored” link placement does not produce a game-changing solution.

4) Internal Links and External Links

Every article you post should contain one or two back-links to other pages on your business website. Furthermore, don’t fear projecting to other sites; just make sure the link opens into a new window so that your visitor continues to hold your page open. If possible, find a high-ranking site that is willing to make a link swap with your site. That way you both gain.

5) Write to Target

Bounce rates hurt. When traffic passes through your website like water over a broken dam, your content is surely lacking focus for targeted customers. Small business SEO tip: You need visitors who will stay awhile, have an interest in buying your products or services, and find your information fair, exact and rewarding. Incidental traffic is almost always pointless traffic. You are in business to make a profit. Targeted traffic fulfills that requirement.

6) Use a Quality Web Hosting Service

Speed, uptime and reliability are just as important as quality content, site design and usable products or services. Your web hosting service company is the core of how your traffic will perceive the efficiency of your business website. The pricing for web hosting varies according to provider and services purchased. Don’t overpay for services you don’t need, but don’t buy less than what it takes to keep you business website up and running quickly and efficiency.

Guidelines on How to Build Your Own Profitable Home Business

The online home business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world that accounts for a turnover worth millions annually, making it a high-potential income-generating avenue that has yet to be fully explored. Apart from several enticing trimmings like being your own boss and working on your terms, it is a very vast medium that can be utilized to harness your creative energies and business acumen to yield excellent income. In the global economic slowdown phenomenon, where high-capital businesses are biting the dust every day, low investment home business ventures can be very lucrative. Here are some helpful tips to help you find the ideal home business.

Start with something that you are familiar with and like doing. At the onset it not pragmatic to venture into terrains that you has minimal knowledge about. If you’re qualified in a particular branch of learning or gained expertise in a specialized field, use it to make money pronto. You may want to start your own niche website that showcases the vast storehouse of knowledge that you’ve acquired. There are other avenues like offering consultancy services and training others in your area of interest. You can even start your own e-shopping website stocking products that you have extensive knowledge on. Be creative; think of multiple avenues to cash in on your talent. Donning the entrepreneurial hat in your field of proficiency ensures that you don’t encounter too many stumbling blocks.

Check if there is a potential market for your business. Go for a business that is legally allowed in your region and doesn’t require too much running around to fetch licenses and ordinances. There are several businesses that are banned in various regions, like chain mails are illegal in most parts of the world. Similarly countries like Singapore keep very strict MLM laws. It would do you a whole lot of good to check the laws of your land to avoid getting into trouble.

Do a little research if you are thinking of registering with a home business opportunity offering organization. There are tons of sites on the internet today that make atrociously large claims and run in the opposite direction once they have your money. Use your logic and intuition and be on guard against such fanciful claims and unrealistic business plans. Look at the history, profile, credentials and business plan of the organization before dealing with them financially.