Lead Generation For Small Businesses In Slow Times

Lead generation is a key activity for virtually every business, no matter the size. And in times such as these, when the economy is on a downturn, it is even more important that companies apply time and attention to new business lead generation.

Here are some tips which small businesses could find useful in driving those revenues up:

1. Get creative and effective in generating more from your existing customer base. I know this has nothing to do with new business lead generation, but it is far easier to accomplish and quicker to earn payback. Current customers will be far more inclined to buy from you than brand new, un-developed contacts. You could ring up customers who’ve stopped doing business with you.

Based on their past buying profile, you could create a special offer package for them. You could invite them in for a special event. You don’t have one planned? Plan one. Reward them with a bundle of specially priced items, perhaps available only to selected customers to celebrate your xyz anniversary. (Replace the xyz with something appropriate like, years in business, since opening of new store, birth of first child, launch of major product etc.)

Think about how you can approach those old friends, and you could earn instant additional income for your business.

2. Make it a habit to ask your latest customer if they know of anyone else who would benefit from the product or service that you offer. Most business or geographic markets are small worlds’ unto themselves. Now some of your customers won’t want to give you any names, particularly if your product or service has provided them with a competitive advantage. But you will be surprised how many customers will be happy to furnish you with names of their contacts who could be in the market for what you offer. While we’re talking about this technique, don’t forget to apply it to point 1 too.

3. Review you. What do I mean by that? Well, you could start by refining your positioning. Take a close look at your company, your product, your competition and your customers. Identify and define your ideal potential customer. What problems are they experiencing which you have the means to help them solve? Why should they go for your solution instead of your competitors’. Now, communicate this competitive value message to your prospects.

4. Manufacture yourself some media coverage. How do you do this? It’s all in the story. Create a Press Release and have a story with human interest at the centre. At least some of the media will be interested in covering it, giving you free publicity along the way leading, we hope, to new business. So where’s the human interest if you sell product x, or service y?

Well, do you have anyone in your business who is well known and successful in another field, like sport or the arts? Has anyone in your business won any awards? Has your business, product or service won any awards? Have you received some great testimonials from existing customers following the special event you organised for them during point 1. If they haven’t given you their testimonial, it’s probably because you forgot to ask for them. Right?

Survival could soon be the name of the game for many small businesses. Lead generation is essential, and can be tackled in many ways. In today’s economic climate, it’s down to you to be as creative as you can.

Home Based Business Leads – 3 Simple Ways To Get More Network Marketing Leads From Free Methods!

In any business that you are part of, having the ability to generate a steady flow of new customers is essential. Nowhere else is this more pivotal than in network marketing. If you are going to be successful in this type of business you have to be able to generate home based business leads from multiple sources. Below you will find my top three favorite ways of generating network marketing leads for free. Yes you can use pay methods, but when you are spending a dime and still getting a good amount of leads on autopilot, it’s a pretty nice situation.

One of the best ways to get business opportunity leads is through content generation. Usually this comes in the form of what is called article marketing. Third many different article directories that are more than happy to take your content and put it up on their website. The more places you have your articles the better chance you have of people seeing them. This strategy can be highly effective for building MLM leads if you are consistent with your writing.

Another good form of lead generation that won’t cost you a dime is called blog commenting. This is where you visit other peoples sites and read what they have to say. If you like what they had to say or think you can add to the conversation, you leave a comment on their blog that points back to your site. This is a great way to get traffic coming to your site because of all the different visitors to the blog receives.

Being active in related forms also can help you build up your business opportunity leads. Because people who are like-minded are also members of these forms, you stand a good chance at building some nice leads from those who are visiting the forum. Just make sure you are being as helpful as you can and people will find you.

Now these methods all work great for traffic and building up a small business leads, but if you don’t have a solid marketing plan to convert them, you’re just wasting valuable traffic. You have to have a way to get this traffic to convert into some form of money for you. This could be into your primary MLM opportunity or even better, it could be into something that allows you to make some nice commissions from as an affiliate.

The opportunities are endless once you have a good supply of leads.

The Secret to Making Your Offer, Get Accepted Pronto

The primary reason for people to refuse or think twice about accepting an offer is that they do not always know what they want. It is but normal to aim for the best offer possible but with all the array of choices and elaborate marketing and advertising schemes that are being bombarded to consumers it is hard to zero in on the one best deal that fit perfectly to what a buyer is looking for.

The moment you found the closest property that corresponds to your needs and meets your expectation, be decisive and firm to make an offer. The act of offering to put down a deposit is a very strong manifestation of good faith. As a result, it boosts up the chances of your offer to be accepted.

Do not be hesitant to work with a real estate agent. One major part of this is to find the best and trustworthy agent to collaborate with you in the first place. It is your job to investigate the records and history of people you will be dealing with so that you are well aware where you stand. There are a lot of budding scams or inferior business dealing of this nature nowadays so it always pays to be vigilant in your enterprise.

Make sure to use strong and clear terms when making a draft of your offer. Ambiguity would often result to a misunderstanding between you and your clients. It would eventually lead to a deal when both parties are not satisfied with the outcomes so be clear with the terms and conditions that you want to establish. However, do not make this as a reason for you to slip into the typical humdrum offer. This creates a dull effect on your prospects and therefore passes your offer as average.

There are hundreds of competitions everywhere so the best chance you have of standing out is having the ability to make the most enticing impression among the rest. Be creative enough to come up with strong and appealing terms and a likable manner of how you state what you want to make your offer standout and irresistible.

Never go for hard sell. That is to say, be considerate to what the other party wants while making sure you do not compromise your side of the bargain. Remember that your relationship with the people you are working with is the fuel that keeps your business alive and is most often the helm that determines the kind of deal you will be getting. People never like to feel that they are being taken advantage of. We all want to have our concerns and desires aired out and listened to so be sensitive to pay attention even to minute details.

Do not hesitate to build rapport because this establishes an open communication for both parties. Sellers and buyers would feel at ease and comfortable to establish the rules of an offer and finally settle for the deal if there is an amicable relationship among them.