Learn Online Marketing for Your Business

If you have a business that is a brick-and-mortar business, you need to put it online pronto. Why? If you don’t go online, your competition is going online. If you don’t believe me, just do a local search. Put the type of company you have, e.g. “carpenter”, then put the city you are in, “carpenter Los Angeles” or “Roofer Huntington beach” You will see a lot of local listings. Those are your competitors. They have gone on the Internet faster than you.

They are taking dollars out of your pocket and get customers. To preserve your business, I am not even talking about growing your business here, you need to get online. However, most people think that their online strategy just involves getting online. That is just the first step. Getting online is actually fairly easy. Any fool who can access WordPress and get cheap monthly hosting from Hostgater can put up a website online. That is not rocket science. There is no magic or secret to that. Where you can really take your business to the next level is in online marketing. You have to learn online marketing for your business. This is non-negotiable. For your online business to succeed, you have to learn online marketing.

The great news is that you don’t have to teach yourself. There are many service providers online that will gladly help you out. They can tell you what you need to do. Many of them have blueprints and simple steps that you can follow. If you don’t want to hassle with learning how to market your business, that is fine. You can outsource it. There are many people who will be glad to take your money to provide online marketing services for you. You just have to know where to find them and to pick the right providers.

How to Pick the Right Providers

Look for providers who have a track record helping people succeed. Any bum can call himself a ‘guru.’ That’s the sad truth. You have to focus on results instead of claims. Most self-styled ‘gurus’ fall by the wayside when subjected to results. Look for people who can actually motivate others to produce peak performance. Gurus and trainers who really produce success do so not just by providing information (you can get this information free online), but they provide the information in a way that both motivates and energizes the reader.

Don’t Mess With Your Business Card

It is estimated that changes have been made on 35% of all business cards presented on any day. These seemingly innocent changes are made with pen, marker or, gasp, a stick- on label. Get out that stack of cards in your drawer with the rubber band. At least one will have a change, penciled it. Not too impressive, huh?

Your business card is perhaps the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. It is like a miniature billboard starring you. Commercials on TV don’t have flubs, ads in the paper don’t have mark-throughs. Your business card should be perfect, too. If it’s not, don’t fiddle with it, get a new one.

Several years ago, in the Northwest Airlines Terminal building at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a clever worker patched the terrazzo floor. Since I am not there every day (although it seems like it with all the traveling I do), I don’t know the reason for the patch. But nonetheless, it was a patch. You can see it 12 gates away.

The workmanship is fine and as time has passed, the patch has aged to blend with the floor around it. I am sure as more time passes; I will be unable to see where the work was done. A patch in Detroit was probably the right choice, given the hundreds of thousands of square feet of floor to replace, and the patch seems to be disappearing with my every visit. The patch route was the right road to take. Too expensive to replace the whole floor, so patch it, but make it a really good patch.

The too-expensive argument doesn’t hold when a tightwad spends an hour carefully marking out the email address on a stack of business cards and painstakingly penciling in a new one. Yuk!

What’s it gonna cost to buy a new box of cards? Not much, but even if it was really expensive, I venture to predict the negative impression of the “mark-out, pencil-in” change will cost more in lost, or compromised, future business. If you thought you might lose a good account, would you pay twenty bucks to save it? Of course. Spend the money for new cards and you may not have to find a way to save the account.

Ever see a broken door handle in a hospital fixed with duct tape? How about a broken chair in the examining room at your doctor’s office? It just doesn’t happen. It is not professional. It sends the wrong message. Same with your business card. The fix-on-the- cheap route doesn’t work for people in business, especially if they need to make a favorable impression. Business cards are like that. They can make, or break, the impression you and your business make.

If one itty bitty snippet of information on your card changes, the cards are obsolete and should be pitched and new ones printed, pronto. There is no excuse for keeping old cards around. I read a chapter in a book someone had written that listed 29 things to do with outdated business cards. One of them was to glue them together and give them to Grandma so she could prop up the kitchen table and get her New Testament back.

A crisp, clean, professional looking business card printed on white glossy stock, with no errors or changes is the best foot you can put forward in your business.

Want Your Vehicle Shipped Pronto?

And, I mean, really, really fast? First, you have to pick an American auto shipping company to use for transport. That could take a bunch of searching around on the web and lead to overload, if you need to compare a few quotes from companies. Get ten quotes within an hour right onto your computer and the decision will be easy. Get the best price, the best service, and the best deal anywhere!

We all want quality and speed and great customer service and a good price on something as important as shipping a vehicle. We usually want it fast because a lot of time was spent looking around for the unique classic or antique car or motorcycle or business van or truck. The best deals are often found on the web these days, and sometimes they are out of state — a long way out of state. It’s not cost effective to pay someone to drive the car or truck or motorcycle all the way to your home, then fly back. Those expenses really add up. And besides, who will you get to do this type of job? How long could it take? Perhaps a few weeks. 

Auto shipping companies are experienced at this sort of thing and can offer deals. Their routes are well known to them and they can track clients’ vehicles via GPS systems on the transports. Covered or uncovered trailers can be used, depending on the customers’ wishes. Covered ones cost a little more but are super when you have a vehicle that’s in a delicate condition. No, not pregnant — just old. Having the quotes from the auto shipping companies come in all together, enables you to concentrate on the task at hand and allows you to compare what each company has to offer. This way you can get the most features for the best price. And you can see which one is reliable and suits you the most. 

Pronto, fast, speedy — whatever way you say quick, it’s how you want your vehicle to arrive. That, plus in one piece and at a good auto shipment rate. Get the ten quotes quickly, look over the info contained within them, and make a decision. It’s easy using this way, very easy, and as soon as you can say pronto, you’ll be driving your new car around the block. If it’s a convertible — perhaps a 1915 Model T — I can assure you that it’ll be the most fun you may ever have had.