Home Based Business – To Three-Way Or Not to Three-Way?

Your home-based business system includes a three-way follow-up call but to follow the system or not to follow it seems to be in question. I will assist you in answering that question for yourself, regardless of what business you are in.

I have seen others in our industry suggesting that you should never three-way a prospect to someone else in your business community. The reason they cite for not following your system is that it robs you of your credibility.

Before you decide to abandon what top earners in your business tell you to do, ask yourself a few questions.

1. Is answering questions from my prospects the only way to show up as a leader?

2. Do the top earners in MY business do a three-way and do I want to be a top earner?

3. Have I felt robbed of my credibility after I have done a three-way?

The answer to number one is obvious, of course not. There are many ways to demonstrate your leadership. I am also certain that if you have not shown up as a leader and do not appear to have credibility, you will not even get to the point of potentially doing a three-way. Your credibility is established by the time the person responds to your ad and completes the lead capture form on your website or leaves a message on your 800 number. It will be your job to maintain that credibility by your posture as a leader during your initial interview, by smoothly transitioning your prospect through your presentation/introduction system and by following up properly. I would even be so bold as to say that following your system, including the three-way, improves your credibility and demonstrates that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going.

If the top income earners in YOUR business do three-ways AND you want the same results, the answer as to whether or not you should too is also obvious. Do a three-way and do it every time. The point of the three-way is not to show your prospect that you are an idiot and cannot possibly answer questions. The point of the three-way is to introduce them someone else in your home based business community, provide a feeling of community to the individual and show them that even in the beginning, before they can answer questions, they can be making money easily because someone else is always there for them. One of the greatest assets of my business is an incredible community of people all supporting the success of each other. I am proud to demonstrate this and do not want to rob my prospects of seeing it for themselves.

If you have ever felt robbed of your credibility during a three-way, find another three-way partner pronto. I have done three-ways for brand new associates and for people that have been in this business a lot longer than I have. I have done them for people outside of my lineage. I ask people that have been here longer than I have and even brand new associates to do three-ways for me. It makes no difference at all. This call is about demonstrating simplicity, easy duplication and community. When I do a three-way I have three goals in mind; maintain the credibility of the person that introduced the prospect to our opportunity, assist in the decision process by answering questions and close the sale.

In closing, when you are doing a three-way for someone else, always, always, ALWAYS ask for the order. Never leave money on the table. Efficiently and effectively answer questions and then ask for the sale. It is simple and should not be high pressure but do not leave it unspoken. I would say that is the only way you can do a three-way incorrectly.

Small Business Lead Generation: Know It to Grow It

The importance of small business lead generation just can’t be emphasized enough. An exponentially high number of startups are surfacing every day, and need the necessary impetus to make their mark in the industry. Needless to say, with the increasing numbers, the competition is also increasing. This basically means that companies need innovative means to market their products and services.

To satiate their need for fulfilling business objectives, businesses hire the services of small business lead generation agencies that specialize in the field. This is basically intended at getting more market exposure and grabbing eyeballs to get more business. However, the reason why so many enterprises still fail after paying exorbitant amounts is because they lack the understanding of which tactics work best in the market. Make no mistake about it – it’s important to have a basic understanding of lead generation techniques, so that one can judge the performance of a campaign. Of late, the best way to promote any business especially in its initial stages is via the internet. However, the details are very important.

Small business lead generation via the internet has relied heavily on online directories, and the trend continues even to this present day. Social media, a relatively new entrant in this domain, has slowly made its way towards being one of the top preferences for promoting a brand. Also, making an official website has been known to get a significantly high number of leads. So, the basic point is that the agency hired to execute the lead generation campaign should know the nitty-gritties of the online world to truly succeed in lead generation. Such campaigns need to have a holistic approach and can’t operate in water-tight compartments with regards to the business model. Only when this happens can the business be on the right track and achieve the kind of success it desires.

Knowing the business environment for small business lead generation entails getting an understanding of the audience, the competition that already exists and the recent deployments, among others. Getting a better understanding of these factors ensures that the business can devise aggressive as well as precautionary tactics to be employed in accordance with the demands of the prevailing situation. It also allows one to make better decisions and react appropriately in different scenarios. However, one also needs to ensure that leads automatically pour in, after a point in time, so that the business gets in auto mode.

What’s the Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses?

The Best Web Hosting for Small Business is the Profitable One!

The best web hosting for small business can make all the difference in the quality of the service and experience you give your customers. A reliable business hosting service can be the best partner a business owner can have.

A small business website that is structured for the search engines and placed on a reliable hosting service can generated many leads for the business. It can be a site that is used for lead capture or to provide contact information. It can also be an eCommerce site that utilizes a shopping cart.

In all cases the best web hosting for small business will be hosting that follows the guidelines listed here:

  • Uptime Guarantee at least 99.9%
  • Great 24/7 Support with access through live chat, phone and responsive email.
  • A well maintained Knowledge Base.
  • A proven track record with positive reviews from users.
  • Software options and support for shopping cart, email, blogging and tracking scripts.
  • Multiple hosting account options from Shared to Dedicated Hosting
  • Affordable

Get the best web hosting for small business.

When you have a site for your small business you want to know it is working for you around the clock. Not all hosting companies are reliable. A good website host will have a minimum of 99.9% uptime and a back up for data. You also want a host that will have servers with quick processing and not overloaded bandwidth from other sites on the same shared hosting.

The technical support team needs to be responsive and knowledgeable. When you have a site go down (and you will at some point), the hosting companies staff needs to be able to identify and resolve the issue pronto. When you use a web hosting for your business and it goes down, that’s money out of your pocket and probably a lot more than what you saved going with the cheapest and not the best web hosting for small business.

Cost on paper for your small business web site hosting account can look pretty attractive until you factor in the cost of lost business from an unreliable hosting company with poor customer support. The good news is there are many economical plans with the most reliable companies which are the best web hosting for small business.

When budgeting for you small business site hosting, factor in about $5 – $10 per month for a good shared hosting plan. As you company grows and you need to expand you can move up to a virtual private hosting for about $25 per month and from there to a dedicated plan of around $100 per month. Things to consider are your bandwidth usage for traffic and any scripts you may be using on your web host.

Some of the basic software programs the best web hosting for small business will include:

Email – Consider how many addresses are needed for you and your staff. Also, what amount of storage you will need? SPAM filters and protection from hackers? How much and how many? Unlimited accounts is good.

eCommerce – Do you need a shopping cart now or in the future? Does the hosting account have the latest PHP and offer enough MySQL Databases for your small business? Do you need an 800 number phone service? Streaming audio or video? A forum for your customers? Are the latest web applications for your business supported by the web host? You will want a web hosting company for your business that stays current on the latest applications and the back office programs to support them.

Site Building Tools – What kind of site do you have or will you create? Many web hosting companies have tools to build your site and a popular one is WordPress. For a good shopping cart ZenCart is easy to install and use. It also let’s you use PayPal for checkout.

You have many choices when it comes to getting your business online and one option that may be the best web hosting for small business is below.