Home Based Business – To Three-Way Or Not to Three-Way?

Your home-based business system includes a three-way follow-up call but to follow the system or not to follow it seems to be in question. I will assist you in answering that question for yourself, regardless of what business you are in.

I have seen others in our industry suggesting that you should never three-way a prospect to someone else in your business community. The reason they cite for not following your system is that it robs you of your credibility.

Before you decide to abandon what top earners in your business tell you to do, ask yourself a few questions.

1. Is answering questions from my prospects the only way to show up as a leader?

2. Do the top earners in MY business do a three-way and do I want to be a top earner?

3. Have I felt robbed of my credibility after I have done a three-way?

The answer to number one is obvious, of course not. There are many ways to demonstrate your leadership. I am also certain that if you have not shown up as a leader and do not appear to have credibility, you will not even get to the point of potentially doing a three-way. Your credibility is established by the time the person responds to your ad and completes the lead capture form on your website or leaves a message on your 800 number. It will be your job to maintain that credibility by your posture as a leader during your initial interview, by smoothly transitioning your prospect through your presentation/introduction system and by following up properly. I would even be so bold as to say that following your system, including the three-way, improves your credibility and demonstrates that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going.

If the top income earners in YOUR business do three-ways AND you want the same results, the answer as to whether or not you should too is also obvious. Do a three-way and do it every time. The point of the three-way is not to show your prospect that you are an idiot and cannot possibly answer questions. The point of the three-way is to introduce them someone else in your home based business community, provide a feeling of community to the individual and show them that even in the beginning, before they can answer questions, they can be making money easily because someone else is always there for them. One of the greatest assets of my business is an incredible community of people all supporting the success of each other. I am proud to demonstrate this and do not want to rob my prospects of seeing it for themselves.

If you have ever felt robbed of your credibility during a three-way, find another three-way partner pronto. I have done three-ways for brand new associates and for people that have been in this business a lot longer than I have. I have done them for people outside of my lineage. I ask people that have been here longer than I have and even brand new associates to do three-ways for me. It makes no difference at all. This call is about demonstrating simplicity, easy duplication and community. When I do a three-way I have three goals in mind; maintain the credibility of the person that introduced the prospect to our opportunity, assist in the decision process by answering questions and close the sale.

In closing, when you are doing a three-way for someone else, always, always, ALWAYS ask for the order. Never leave money on the table. Efficiently and effectively answer questions and then ask for the sale. It is simple and should not be high pressure but do not leave it unspoken. I would say that is the only way you can do a three-way incorrectly.

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Guidelines on How to Build Your Own Profitable Home Business

The online home business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world that accounts for a turnover worth millions annually, making it a high-potential income-generating avenue that has yet to be fully explored. Apart from several enticing trimmings like being your own boss and working on your terms, it is a very vast medium that can be utilized to harness your creative energies and business acumen to yield excellent income. In the global economic slowdown phenomenon, where high-capital businesses are biting the dust every day, low investment home business ventures can be very lucrative. Here are some helpful tips to help you find the ideal home business.

Start with something that you are familiar with and like doing. At the onset it not pragmatic to venture into terrains that you has minimal knowledge about. If you’re qualified in a particular branch of learning or gained expertise in a specialized field, use it to make money pronto. You may want to start your own niche website that showcases the vast storehouse of knowledge that you’ve acquired. There are other avenues like offering consultancy services and training others in your area of interest. You can even start your own e-shopping website stocking products that you have extensive knowledge on. Be creative; think of multiple avenues to cash in on your talent. Donning the entrepreneurial hat in your field of proficiency ensures that you don’t encounter too many stumbling blocks.

Check if there is a potential market for your business. Go for a business that is legally allowed in your region and doesn’t require too much running around to fetch licenses and ordinances. There are several businesses that are banned in various regions, like chain mails are illegal in most parts of the world. Similarly countries like Singapore keep very strict MLM laws. It would do you a whole lot of good to check the laws of your land to avoid getting into trouble.

Do a little research if you are thinking of registering with a home business opportunity offering organization. There are tons of sites on the internet today that make atrociously large claims and run in the opposite direction once they have your money. Use your logic and intuition and be on guard against such fanciful claims and unrealistic business plans. Look at the history, profile, credentials and business plan of the organization before dealing with them financially.